About Intervero

Intervero is a place for leftist conversation and journalism, but anyone trying to understand the world will enjoy the site. Intervero is a new type of media emphasizing education and community participation.

The Intervero project serves as an experiment in critical pedagogy. That is, we want to teach you about the world, how to understand it, and how to change it. In turn, we also want you to teach us. Ideally, “we” as writers and “you” as an audience merge to become one indistinct group, with the entire community contributing to the movement in different ways. This continuous back and forth interaction becomes a powerful revolutionary act of building social cohesion, left consciousness, and radical education.


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Do you have want to contribute to the Intervero project (writing, video production, podcasting)?

Do you have skills that you think could be valuable to Intervero (coding, website building, organizational)?

Do you think you could improve our strategy (better organization, planning)?

Do you have a project you want to start (reading groups, educational series, activism)?

We want to work with you!

Send us a message on Twitter @Intervero or email calabbo73@gmail.com to get in touch.